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Image of Sweetdram and Huilie team in Sweetdram warehouse


Keen for something convenient and refreshingly unique to drink, we created HUILIE – a low-calorie vodka soda made using real fruit and botanicals and nothing else.

That means no sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives and no other additives, including so-called “natural” flavourings bought from flavour houses.

So, unlike other brands who mask the contents of their cans out of shame, we print everything on the label like a badge of honour, because we’ve got nothing to hide.

Our first release, BLACK LIME uses top quality spirit redistilled with dried lime, kaffir lime leaves and lime zest – plus a touch of fresh lemon juice and plenty of carbonated Scottish water.

Give it a try and keep your eyes peeled for new flavours, including an alcohol-free version, in the very near future.
HUILIE is the brainchild of distillers Dan Fisher and Andrew MacLeod Smith. Dan and Andrew met at university while studying for their Master’s degrees in brewing and distilling before they co-founded progressive distillery Sweetdram in 2014. Check out their range of modern spirits at